Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, thatís creativity
Charles Mingus

Storytelling and Business
A great collection of links related to exploring the kinds of value storytelling can bring to business

The Work of Edward Tufte
The world is moving awfully fast, but Tufte is as insightful today as ever

Presentation Zen
A marvellous blog about the... well... zen of giving presentations

Better Product Design
With an ironically poor interface this resource frames many methods and practices of good product design

Catalog of Scenario Based Methods
A collection of academic briefs on various scenario realted design methods

New Product Development Body of Knowledge
A collection of design, development and management methods and practices related to bringing new products to market

Activity Theory
User Centered Design is frequently spoken about, but Don Norman thinks perhaps designers should focus more activity than users--and this provides a nice foundation in the psychology of activity theroy

Design Research Wiki
Information on conducting ethnographic research

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