Today the business of business is becoming the constant invention of new business
Marshall McLuhan

We focus primarily on breakthrough product innovation in growth and renewing markets

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Capitalization on new business opportunities through creating new hardware, software, services, processes, or experiences.
Situations that afford both a chance to create value for someone or something at a profit in some new or unique way, and a chance to achieve and maintain a position of competitive advantage.
Sustaining Incremental Breakthrough Disruptive
Refresh a product Advance a product Redefine a product New Value Network
Performance improvements on features current customers already value New functionality to satisfy unserved or under-served needs Redefine product category with new value proposition Create radical new products, markets and biz models, undermining established players
Pentium Chip Camera Phone Sony Walkman Peer to Peer nets

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AREAS Customer Experience Innovation
Area Description
Product The product, service and/or experience that the company sells and that the customer and/or user values. This can also include peripheral, complementary or accessory products.
Marcomm All the messages and materials used to raise awareness, consolidate demand, and bring customers and products together.
Sales The transaction experience; everything that facilitates the exchange between customers and company over the product.
Fulfillment The mechanisms to fulfill the sales transaction, including distribution and delivery.
Operational Capacity Innovation
Area Description
Finance How the company pays for its continuance and delivery of customer experiences.
Process The ways in which the company performs activities and makes decisions.
Strategy The goals and directions a company sets for itself, the market position it takes, and the trade-offs it is willing to make. Of course Strategy occurs at many different levels, from company-wide down to product development.
Organization The coherent and integrated collection of resources as well as the methods of integration and marshalling of these resource, that keep the company running and delivering customer experiences.

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